Introducing the Wonder of The Wonderworks.

Competition is fiercer than ever. Change is the norm.
And rules have become relics.

The Wonderworks is a business development firm that specializes in innovative solutions to complex business and marketing problems.

  • Since start-up in 1973, the firm has been a valuable resource for a long and remarkably diverse list of growth-minded organizations in both the US and abroad.
  • These clients include: Colgate Palmolive, Holiday Inn, AOL Time Warner, Pfizer, The US Postal Service, UniLever, Viacom International, The Aegean Free Zone (Turkey), The Czech Space Research Center (Czech Republic), Nippon Television (Japan), Melitta (Germany), and Buitoni Foods (Italy).
  • There are two Wonderworks’ subsidiaries:  The Standard Marketing Evaluation Test (Attitude and Awareness Tracking) and Wonderworks’ Marketing Audits (Assessments).

To solve today’s tough marketing problems, organizations need incisive, pragmatic, no-nonsense thinking.

Whether you are large or small, manufacture a product or provide a service – whether you are a corporation, a non-profit, or a government agency – whether you are headquartered in the US or based overseas; whether you sell direct to the consumer, or if your consumer is the trade – The Wonderworks will deliver real and measurable results.

  • We'll find out what's really holding back your company's growth
  • Help introduce a new product, a new market, even a line extension
  • Develop a tight business plan
  • Conceive a more effective sales strategy and program
  • Create a new identity (or revitalize the current one)
  • Introduce US firms and investors to international opportunities (and visa versa)
  • Provide unique expertise in the booming international Industrial Park Market